About Us

unboXt has a simple goal -- increase understanding in order to enrich lives. We’re convinced that this goal is only achieved when trust and transparency are present.

Trust is possibly the most intimate and profound word in the human language. Trust requires time, commitment, patience, and openness. Trust is fragile and multifaceted. Trust is a multiplier!

Transparency is obscure. Transparency requires vulnerability, courage and acceptance. Transparency is a game-changer! Through transparency a magnificent opportunity is created; the chance to create authentic human connections.

We strive to establish, nurture and preserve trust by creating a platform to enable transparency. Beyond the platform we realize the value of putting the employee first. This “human first” mantra serves as our guiding principle as we embark on this journey to support fellow leaders and organizations.

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When we Trust Transparency, we build thriving cultures and an abundance of productive employees who feel appreciated and accomplished. Although today’s focus is on building trust within organizations, we revel at the idea that these improved experiences will bleed over into interactions outside of work!