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Organizations are looking for an agile, cloud-based approach to understanding how to show gratitude for their teams. Managers need access to this tool.

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unboXt envisions a world where every employee feels fulfilled by the work they do and understood by the teams they work with. This is no small feat, considering today, over 67% of employees feel disengaged. What this probably does not take into account is the number of employees who have become traditioned to separating their work and life - waking up and instead of doing what they enjoy, they reluctantly go into an office where the only thing more mundane than their work are the conversations they have about the weather with their colleagues.

Yes - this is a pretty bleak image.

Things get brighter; read on.

Today, we’ve seen a seismic shift in the power dynamic between organizations and employees*.

Two things have occurred - 1) organizations transitioned their staff to remote environments, and production levels within organizations increased dramatically, which disproved the theory that employees cannot get their work done at home; and 2) coming out of the pandemic, people began quitting their jobs. The pandemic allowed employees to reflect and confront what’s most important to them. Some left the workforce altogether, but others chose the proverbial greener pastures.

In response to the latter, organizations are paying a premium for talent. In hourly roles, they’re providing signing bonuses, flexible schedules, and show-up-to-work attendance bonuses, amongst other things. But what they haven’t considered is choosing a sustainable option.

Although every employee is unique, depending on where the employee is in their employee life cycle, similarities or overlappings can uncover how and when to provide extra pay versus a day off or simply a “thank you.” The trick is to have an in-depth understanding of each of your employee’s desires, which will allow your manager to know how to express gratitude.

How can you pinpoint what each of your employees desires at scale??

Ask the right questions.

First, uncover what motivates your employee, which can vary depending on where they are in their life. Next, use a cloud-based, action-driven toolkit to pinpoint where you can make the most significant positive impact. Lastly, put this tool in the hands of your managers. This is probably the most challenging task for archaic organizations, yet it’s the most important to retaining and attracting remarkable talent.

Where most would see opportunity, they see risk. Where forward-thinking organizations understand their managers are on the frontlines, the conduits of the company, dying organizations pigeonhole employee data amongst a select few and disseminate what they believe to be appropriate.

If you are the latter, you are essentially building a wall between the employee and manager. This is not only inefficient, but it’s also largely ineffective.

We’ve covered a lot and have yet to scratch the surface of what we know. Just contact us. It’ll be a better use of your time.

*The pandemic mostly catalyzed this.

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