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Getting acquainted with your unboXt toolkit is simple; after all, simplicity is one of our product values.

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unboXt is a toolkit that enables team leaders to improve their overall effectiveness by taking input from their team members and turning it into personalized insights and recommendations. Where most platforms focus on organizational feedback, we focus on the team dynamic. unboXt believes that by inspiring trust and engagement within teams, organizations as a whole will propel forward.

To explain how unboXt is enables leadership, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear.

What is on my dashboard?

The dashboard is where you are able to learn more about your entire team. We aggregate team inputs to provide an easily digestible snapshot for how effectively you are leading your team.

Employee motivation and morale can sway up and down; do not spend large amounts of time being concerned if one of these areas drop for your team. Instead, focus on Why it dropped by utilizing the Coaching Corner.

What is the difference between the team leader and team member dashboard?

The team leader has the responsibility of leading the entire team. Therefore, they have filtering capabilities and permissions to receive team trends and insights to get ahead of situations that can negatively impact team experience.

Team members are able to see their own inputs and are giving recommendations on steps they can take to improve their performance or overall experience.

What are digital check-ins?

Digital check-ins are questions that allow each team member to give feedback on their work experience. The questions are especially tailored to the individual and what we’ve identified as necessary for them to be successful.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different motivators, needs and desires. We take these differences into consideration when sending digital check-ins to ensure it is personalized to the individual.

How frequently are digital check-ins sent?

Each team is different. We allow the team leader to configure the check-in frequency to fit the team’s needs. The team leader has the option to choose between daily, weekly or monthly check-ins. Also, because each digital check-in is tailored to the individual, there are fewer questions to answer.

To change your digital check-in frequency for your team use the following instructions:

  1. Head to https://toolkit.getunboxt.com/users/sign_in
  2. Sign in
  3. Click Team Management from the Navigation panel
  4. Scroll down to the question: How often would you like your team to receive digital check-ins?
  5. Click the drop-down and select Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  6. Click Save

Not sure which one to choose? Maybe this article will help.

Are the answers anonymous?

Yes. The responses you give to unboXt are entirely anonymous. We will neither share what specifically motivates you, or the reason behind if you ever answer unfavorability to a digital check-in. However, this introduces an interesting question, how do you help someone you do not know needs help?

We believe trust is essential to team performance and employee experiences. Therefore, while we will not share why an employee is disengaged or demotivated, we will share general information with team leaders such as, your team seems to be disengaged with a personalized tip to improve engagement.

Have questions about how this translates? Contact us at [email protected].

What is an example of what my team member will see?

Responses to digital check-in are anonymized and then sent instantly to team leaders. The responses of team members are aggregated to provide a trend for team leaders to understand broadly three categories - team motivation, team morale and team performance. An insight or recommendation will appear based on team responses.

What if I forget to submit my digital check-in?

If you forget to submit your digital check-in on the day it was sent, you have the ability to respond usually within 24 hours. There are exceptions if the frequency of the survey is changed to either weekly or monthly. If this is the case, you have 3 days to respond or 1 week to respond, respectively.

After this time period, you will not be able to give a response. We’ve found the quicker a user responds the more accurate the response. After all, can you remember how you felt or performed two Tuesday’s ago? Probably not.

Can digital check in responses be changed after being submitted?

No. After a digital check-in is submitted a survey can not be resubmitted or changed. However, during the digital check-in, a user can change their response as many times until they believe they accurately captured their experience.

How can I submit digital check-ins?

Each digital check-in takes less than 1 minute to complete. Responses can be accessed from your computer or mobile browser.

What if my team has questions about unboXt?

Here is a FAQ sheet for team members. This will cover how digital check-ins work, our view on anonymity and how to navigate their dashboard.

What do the digital check-ins measure?

Motivators, Morale, and performance. Let’s go through each one.

Motivators are the tangible and intangible desires that contribute to an employee’s work experience. While some are motivated by Compensation and Benefits others are motivated by Growth and Development opportunities. We identify what motivates your team and measure their satisfaction.

Sentiment can sway from day-to-day. Everyone has good days and bad days. Overall it’s important as a leader to identify when a team member’s sentiment or morale is dragging. We’ve found this enables leaders to be more targeted with and when they check-in with team members.

Performance is the measure at which an employee accomplished their responsibilities and gets the desired results. Someone can be productive and not rate high on performance. Remember, performance is completing a task and getting the desired result.

How is data aggregated in unboXt?

unboXt team motivation score is calculated by taking the average of each of your team members’ responses to the motivation question(s). The score takes a running calculation based on every motivation question answered by team members. This allows you to see how their motivation has changed over time. Intrinsics motivators won’t change day-to-day, however, it’s important to gauge how these factors change over time.

What is my engagement rate?

Engagement rate does not mean employee engagement. Engagement within the toolkit is referring to whether users are participating in their digital check-ins. The true value of unboXt is unlocked when teams mobilize around the idea of improving team engagement. This happens by everyone, starting with the team leader, buying into the power of trust being built through transparency.

What happens if a digital check-in is not completed by my team?

We encourage each team leader to track and motivate their team to complete their digital check-ins. We send nudges to team members who we’ve identified have not completed a check-in.

Within the dashboard, you can see who has not completed their digital check-in within the graph. It will be denoted with a No Entries when hovering over the graph.

What happens to team data over time?

Part of the value of unboXt is our ability to quantify the impact of the actions leaders take everyday on the employee experience. Most engagement surveys delete historical data or force the leader to hunt down and build complicated spreadsheets to determine whether there was improvement survey from survey.

Our dashboard allows leaders to filter based on current or historical time periods to show the improvement over time. It’s the new wave of tracking leader effectiveness.

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