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Stop Reducing Turnover!

Turnover should not be your focus, getting to the source of why your employees are leaving should be your focal point. The latter breeds commitment and sincerity.

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Since unboXt has proven to reduce employee turnover by 10 - 20% within 12 months, most prospects ask the wrong question - “how much will you reduce our attrition rate by?”

This is the wrong question because it says your focus is in the wrong place.

You'll never reduce turnover as long as your focus is on reducing turnover. It’s tantamount to the saying, “if you chase money, it will never come.”

Let me explain.

At unboXt, we try to get our partners to realize that if you make your employees feel ‘great’ more than ‘not so great,’ then you’ll keep most1 of your employees for the long haul. They’ll even go the extra mile for you because they know that you have their best interest.

Most people have been in a situation where they have felt misunderstood. Where another person or persons didn’t even take the time to attempt to understand you. Or, from another lens, they did take the time to get to understand you, but you felt their motives were not sincere. Meaning they were doing X so they could reap Y.  

Can you recall experiencing one or both of these moments? How did it make you feel?

The formative is the motion of most organizations. They introduce palliative solutions - annual engagement surveys, pulse checks, and employee voice feedback tools - that everyone can agree provides little benefit.

After all, what good is a voice that falls on deaf ears?

The latter is what I try to convince my partners is not a great approach as well.

While most organizations realize they need to invest in their leaders as a mechanism to reduce turnover, they continue to invest to solve the problem of turnover versus investing & being committed because it’s just the right thing to do.

Recall the earlier example - people can feel when others are being sincere. Even if it takes time for the employee to realize the sincerity, the trust will eventually be re-established.

If organizations adopt the mindset that it’s the right thing to do, their commitment toward employee well-being will feel sincere, and their results will be unbounded.

1 - I use the term “most” because there is no way to eradicate employee turnover completely. Situations will occur.

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