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Meet the toolkit that builds better leaders and more effective teams

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Why unboXt?

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Improve Leadership

The unboXt toolkit was built to give managers the insights they need to become better leaders.

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Increase Productivity

unboXt teams are more motivated, trusting, and aligned with regard to broader team and organizational goals

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Reduce Turnover

Individual problems become team problems. Team problems become organizational problems.

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How unboXt Works

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Custom Check-In Configuration

The toolkit features daily, weekly, or monthly digital check-in configuration that can be further tailored to your employees’ schedules. These digital check-ins take less than one minute each to complete and they gather details about employee sentiment, performance, motivation, and team norms.

Trend Reports

Gathering data for data’s sake is useless. unboXt takes in data from each employee and reports on daily trends. Trend Reports highlight employees experiencing increased engagement, effectiveness, or productivity, and they identify opportunities for improvement.

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Actionable Insights

In addition to Trend Reports, team leaders receive actionable insights that go one step further than trends. Where a trend explains data, an insight tells team leaders what to do with the data. The combination of the two gives managers what they need to lead more effectively and put their people first.

Persona Assessment

The best team leaders and team members are introspective. They take time to better understand themselves so they can better serve their teams. At signup, team leaders and team members take a 10-minute assessment that uncovers their strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits.

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Customer Testimonials

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"Learning the strengths and areas of opportunities for my employees is more valuable than I ever fanthomed"
Manager, Implementation
"This platform has done more than give information, but highlighted areas where our team could be better aligned."
Agency Owner
"The persona on unboXt was eerily spot on - the value from the team profile hadn't been delivered but I was already sold."
VP Comcast
"People perform relative to how they feel - the unboXt toolkit helped me gain a deeper understanding of why my team's underperform."
VP, WellsFargo
"Bringing on a new team member and learning more about them has never happened so fast"
Business Development Manager
"There's a lot being thrown at me currently, with remote work to a team that has tripled in size. unboXt simplified the process of ensuring team members were aligned and team leads could easily understand what factors improve team morale."
The Risen Lotus
"I am a new manager, with a brand new team. My challenge was being a first time manager. unboXt helped me learn the key factors of motivation for my team, which simplified the team building process."
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